Hey! I’m Isaak 👋

I have a strong enthusiasm for acquiring new knowledge and mastering emerging technologies. I often take the time to articulate my thoughts about these subjects in my personal blog. In my day-to-day, I primarily engage with Python and JavaScript.

However, I also possess a solid grasp of languages such as Erlang, Elixir and Clojure. As a result, the majority of my blog posts will revolve around these topics.

Reach me

You can best reach me by dropping an email at — it’s my preferred method of contact.

My PGP key: 43D7 CF7A BD04 B917 8443 CF8A 778A 732D 7666 A23A

You can reach out if:

  • You’re interested in a potential partnership
  • You have an enticing job opportunity
  • You’d like to inquire about my GitHub or Blog activities
  • You spot a typo or have feedback on a post
  • You’d like to request a specific post on a particular topic

Slim chance, but if you’re a Nigerian prince with a million to spare, hang onto it! You’ve got more use for it than I do, pal.