Is it Easier to Ask Forgiveness than Permission or to Look Before You Leap?

06.08.2023 2 mins read
The aim of this article is to explore two contrasting approaches to code writing: EAFP and LBYL.

The SOLID Principles for Solid Developers.

04.08.2023 18 mins read
In this article, we'll learn about SOLID principles and how to apply them in Python to write more flexible, maintainable, and scalable code.

Generating Secrets in Clojure

03.10.2022 3 mins read
Generating secrets is a very important part of any security-sensitive application. In this article, I'm going to tell you about a low-level library that helps to generate secrets in Clojure.

Python Libraries to Make Your Code Readable, Reliable and Maintainable

24.08.2020 10 mins read
Experienced programmers understand perfectly well that in development they spend most of the time reading code and therefore they treat the process of writing code with the deepest trepidation.

The Idiomatic Comparison in Python

08.07.2020 2 mins read
Let's talk about the fundamental difference between comparison operators.

Thoughts on naming variables, functions and methods

06.07.2020 8 mins read
Properly naming variables, functions, methods, and classes is one of the most important attributes of elegant and clean code.

A Teeny-Tiny Note About Comments and Dead Code

05.07.2020 1 min read
A good comment takes time to think and write, and therefore most often we all come across disgusting comments that are nothing but a piece of visual garbage.

The Beginning of The Way

04.07.2020 1 min read
As we all know, the best way to learn new things is by teaching others and this blog is my way to learn new things.