Hi, my name is Isaak.

I have been working with Python for more than 5 years (more than 3 years of commercial web development with Python/Django/DRF/Flask) and have been writing idiomatic code in compliance with the best practices of the software development. I always take my work with great responsibility and expect the same from others.

I am an active contributor in Open Source also I maintain my own projects in various languages (Python, JS, Erlang, Rust, and so on, just check out my profile on GitHub).

Just for the record, I note that I also know Russian, so you can write to me in Russian.

Stack I worked with

  • Python (Django, DRF, Flask, Celery etc.)
  • JavaScript (ES6, jQuery, Webpack, Chrome API, etc.)
  • Containerization (Docker, Swarm)
  • SQL/NoSQL (PostgresSQL, SQLite)
  • Key/Value (Redis, Memcached)
  • VCS (Git, git-flow)
  • Testing (Selenium, TestCafe, unittest, hypothesis, py.test, mimesis, Jest)
  • Erlang/Elixir (Beginner)
  • *nix (Linux, macOS)


  • Knowledge of multiple programming languages, including strong knowledge of Python.
  • Good knowledge of basic algorithms and data structures.
  • Good knowledge of design patterns.
  • Commercial web development experience with Django (over 3 years).
  • Real team player who can get along with people from all backgrounds.
  • Able to quickly learn new technologies.
  • Constant desire to enhance my professional skills.


  • High level of responsibility and self-sufficiency.
  • Aptitude for learning new things quickly and effectively.

Professional goals

  1. Senior Developer
  2. Lead Developer
  3. Software Architect

Contact me

The most preferable way to contact me is emailing me, so there is my email:

You can also contact me in Telegram: @likid_geimfari